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    The well-known attributes of kiwi fruit include the green colour, characteristic flavour and nutritional components. These are unmatched and have ensured that the fruit has established and maintained a position in the consumer's mind as a highly desirable quality product.

    Product Specification of Frozen Green Kiwifruit Puree

    Raw Material: Ripe Kiwifruit of sufficient brix and quality.
    Appearance: Typical of green Kiwifruit.
    Flavour/Aroma: Typical Kiwifruit flavour and aroma for the green variety.
    Code: KFSP08
    Coding: Best Before Date = 2 years from production date.
    Processing: Kiwifruit are peeled, unwanted material removed, graded and mechanically pureed.
    Soluble Solids: Minimum 11° brix, maximum 17° brix.
    Micro-biological: Total plate count <100,000 / g
    Total Coliform <100 / g
    E-coli not detected
    Yeats & Moulds <10,000 / g
    Storage/Shipment: Stored and shipped at < -18° Centigrade
    Packaging: 12kg polylined cartoned, stamped with product name, date of processing, weight, name and address of processor.

    Nutritional Breakdown of Kiwi Fruit Juice

    Analysis of a 200ml drink sample containing 33% kiwifruit juice puree yields approximately:
     • Soluble solids: 21g
     • Carbohydrates: 20g
     • Protein: 330g
     • Total dietary fibre: 290mg
     • Plant lipids: 47mg
     • Calcium: 0.8mg
     • Phosphorus: 7.3mg
     • Iron: 0.9mg
     • Sodium: 14.7mg
     • Potassium: 195.8mg
     • Vitamin C: 75.6mg


    pH:   3
    Specific Gravity @ 20 deg C:   1.06
    Acidity (as Citric acid):   0.93g
    Energy:   339.0 Kilojoules (81 calories)

    A Kiwi A Day purees and fruit juice concentrate contain no artifical flavouring, colouring or preserving agents and have not been heat treated. These products therefore retain almost the same nutritional value as the raw fruit. As well as retaining the fruit's natural flavour and green colour it is high in dietary fibre, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, and available sugars but is low in fat, cholesterol, starch, sodium and calories. Carbohydrate sweeteners in the form of fructose and glucose are added to the fruit juice concentrate. More »



    A Kiwi A Day/Progressive Processors Ltd are seeking volume Customers and Agents for their Quality New Zealand Green Kiwifruit Purees and Products.
    All Enquiries Welcome.

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         Managing Director
         Neil Butler
         +64 7 312 9114
         or +64 27 242 0000
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    Postal Address:
         P.O. Box 115
         Taneatua 3123
         New Zealand
    Street Address:
         37 Howell Road
         Bay of Plenty
         New Zealand

    A Kiwi a Day provides outstanding opportunities
    for upmarket drinks manufacturers to enter the market for exotic fruit juice drinks.