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    Kiwifruit has the highest density of nutrients of the major 26 fruits currently consumed world-wide. Unlike most fruit which are high in only one or two nutrients, Kiwifruit have an unusually broad range of nutrients and other vitamins and minerals. The US Food and Drug Administration classify Kiwifruit as an excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fibre, and a good source of vitamin E and potassium.

    Kiwifruit provides children with a variety of health-related benefits. Their development requires many nutrients including

    • copper - critical for bone growth and brain development.
    • fibre - which may help prevent the onset of obesity.
    • ascorbic acid - contained in vitamin C, may lower blood lead levels reducing lead toxicity at all stages in life.
    These essential nutrients are provided by Kiwifruit. They are an antioxident and phytochemical powerhouse that make a great snack or addition to any meal.


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