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    A Kiwi a Day use unconventional juicing technologies to maximise purity and preserve nutritional value.

    Unlike pip fruit and citrus juicing, we do not use mechanical pressure for juice extraction. Our fruit pulping process preserves the cell structure of the fruit to ensure the buyer is getting the perfect purees and kiwifruit juice product. All the nutritious attributes, flavour and natural green colour of fresh kiwifruit is retained without the use of any artificial additives. This process ensures that our Kiwifruit purees and juice concentrate are a completely natural food product.

    Our process is carried out in an export food grade factory to ensure the final product meets the most exacting international quality standards.

    Kiwifruit have exceptional nutritional value. Our puree and juice concentrate products contain a high level of vitamin C and other valuable nutrients that provide benefits for health and digestion, as well as a high fructose level with its positive dietary implications.

    Our fourth-generation food production technology preserves the nutritional values without requiring a preservative. More »

    A Kiwi a Day provides outstanding opportunities for upmarket drinks manufacturers to

  • enter the market for exotic fruit juice drinks
  • enter an emerging market aimed at providing a convenient nutritional meal.
  • The base product allows for the addition of other nutritional components to provide a complete meal that tastes delicious.


    Kiwifruit is a rich source of the proteolytic enzyme Actinidin.

    Actinidin is a natural product with a variety of applications in the areas of health, nutrition, and in the processing of protein-based foodstuffs.

    Examples include

  • a digestive aid to promote healthy bowel activity
  • a food ingredient for tenderising meat cuts, improving digestibility
  • Actinidin can be produced in a range of enzyme activity levels according to application requirements.

    We have expertise in the production of enzymes with low to high enzyme activity levels:

  • up to 800 units enzyme activity per gramme as a free flowing enzyme powder suitable for use as a food ingredient.
  • up to 20,000 units enzyme activity per gramme as a stabilised liquid enzyme for application in nutriceutical products.
  • A Kiwi A Day has undertaken an extensive development programme, assisted by scientists from one of New Zealand's Crown Research Institutes to create natural products utilising this indigenous kiwifruit resource.


    A Kiwi A Day/Progressive Processors Ltd are seeking volume Customers and Agents for their Quality New Zealand Green Kiwifruit Purees and Products.
    All Enquiries Welcome.

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    A Kiwi a Day provides outstanding opportunities
    for upmarket drinks manufacturers to enter the market for exotic fruit juice drinks.