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  • Kiwifruit Puree and Juice -
        from New Zealand to Juice Manufacturers World-Wide.
    A Kiwi a Day/Progressive Processors Ltd are producers, suppliers and exporters of Kiwifruit product base (purees) to juice and food manufacturers world-wide. More »

    Our advantage lies in the quality of our product. All the nutritional attributes, flavour and natural colour of fresh Kiwifruit are retained without the use of any artificial additives. More »

    The health benefits of Kiwifruit cannot be overstated. Kiwifruit contain natural cancer-inhibiting agents, diabetes regulators, weight management nutrients more »

    Kiwifruit have exceptional nutritious value. They have more vitamin C than oranges. They contain no saturated fat nor cholesterol. They are high in fructose and both soluble and insoluble fibre providing excellent dietary benefits. More »

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    A Kiwi A Day/Progressive Processors Ltd are seeking volume Customers and Agents for their Quality New Zealand Green Kiwifruit Purees and Products.
    All Enquiries Welcome.

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         Managing Director
         Neil Butler
         +64 7 312 9114
         or +64 27 242 0000
         +64 7 312 9366
    Postal Address:
         P.O. Box 115
         Taneatua 3123
         New Zealand
    Street Address:
         37 Howell Road
         Bay of Plenty
         New Zealand

    A Kiwi a Day provides outstanding opportunities
    for upmarket drinks manufacturers to enter the market for exotic fruit juice drinks.